Fun Fairs

As I passed by a brightly lit fun fair at the outskirts of Mallaca town, food trucks hemmed the coast of a reclaimed land. Soft waves dance teasingly towards where our car passed by. I didn't bother getting out of the car. I already know how it feels like. I still remember the waves of … Continue reading Fun Fairs


Fibonacci Sequence: Med Gala 2019

I just think that right at this point in my life, it only gets better and far more pleasant. If you take the previous two years of my life, it would sum up to right where I stand now. For as long as I'm able to recall, I (probably most of my friends too) have … Continue reading Fibonacci Sequence: Med Gala 2019

No Promises Left Unfulfilled

A fundamental responsibility of a blogger would be to acknowledge the start and end of a particular year for the start signifies brand new ideas and its manifestation. End of year tells a lot about how she/he has achieved apropos to the promises they've made to adhere to. How much of books per annum have … Continue reading No Promises Left Unfulfilled